Motivation DOES NOT Work

Today’s video was inspired by a viewer question. Watch the video below to hear what her question is and to hear my response. The cold hard truth is that motivation does not work. I’m explaining to you how to carry on when motivation fails you!

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A Note From Today’s Motivation Video

There are two main types of perspectives for approaching any goal in life which are a mastery and a performance orientation.


A Mastery orientation is the desire to continually develop into the best you can be. You are performing in order to become more competent or more highly skilled than you already are. You may also be performing to maintain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. At any moment, you’re concentrating on what will help you achieve or maintain the goal for the long run. With a mastery orientation you are initially focused, tend to have a high intrinsic motivation. This means you’re motivated because of the feelings of pleasure or satisfaction you get from completing or working on the goal. With a mastery orientation, you are not concerned when you encounter a negative outcome or hurdle, because you know, no matter what has occurred, that you can learn from what happened and thus move closer to mastery.


Also called an ego orientation. People with a performance orientation perform to achieve short term success or to do better than others. They want to win and compare themselves to others and to look better than others. A person’s sense of self-worth and value is thus tied up in how they perform or look at a given moment. They also have a tendency to judge their outcomes as good or bad, and therefore fall off track easily. People with a performance orientation are likely to be intrinsically motivated. “Extrinsic motivation refers to the tendency to perform activities or achieve goals for known external rewards, whether they be tangible (e.g., money) or psychological (e.g., praise, attention) in nature.”

In terms of energy, a mastery orientation resonates at higher levels than does a performance orientation.

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Can you achieve your goals without motivation?

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