Welcome To My Family

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Paul - My Husband

Paul has been employed for a large automotive company for over 30 years. He spent some of those years as an engineer, but most as Operations Leader. Paul’s biggest passion besides family is golf, hunting, sports, travel, investing and side hustling with me. Paul is the Director of Operations for Hensel Coaching & Consulting and for Tracy Hensel, LLC. Paul has always been a hands-on and plugged in father and husband. When it comes to family – he is our rock.

Our Family is just the right mix of Chaos and Love.


Kirstyn works for Child Protective Services for the State of Michigan, and will graduate next fall with her Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is engaged to be married this August. Kirstyn’s fiancé, Tim has a 10-year old daughter, Kaylee whom Kirstyn adores. Kirstyn and Tim have been together for 8 years. Kirstyn loves cooking and baking, reading, going up-north (Michigan terminology) and entertaining. Kirstyn lives 2 miles from her father and I, so we see her often.


Haley lives in Brooklyn, New York. She works in executive sales for a U.K. company. Haley is very ambitious in both her professional and social life. She travels globally for both business and pleasure. Haley may be a couple hour plane ride from her family, but she is close at heart. Along with her love for travel, Haley also enjoys fashion and indulging on cheeseboards and fine wine with her mom.


McKenna is currently enrolled in college, majoring in Accounting. While attending college, she works as an assistant for an accounting firm and is a server at a local restaurant. Along with that, McKenna works for me as a Video Editor. McKenna and her fiancé, Bobby have a Persian cat, who is their pride and joy. McKenna’s interests and hobbies include cooking and baking, playing with her cat, Beau, eating Mexican food and planning her wedding. McKenna will stand as Maid of Honor at Kirstyn and Tim’s wedding. McKenna and Bobby’s wedding is scheduled for the end of this year. You can read more about McKenna on the ‘Meet My Team’ page.


Carly is a freshman at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois. She is studying Psychology and hopes to be a Clinical Psychologist someday. Carly has a job on campus in the admissions department and spends her time outside of class with friends or working. Carly’s interests include spending time with people, coffee, music, and literature


Many of you know her as Pips. Chloe is a typical 8th grade teen – into friends, boys and being on her phone 24-7. She also believes that Mom is an ATM and can dispense money at any given moment and a taxi driver to boot. Chloe is a high honor student and a member of the Junior National Honor Society. She is also an active member of an ambitious swim team and is involved in her church youth group, as well.