My Unofficial NEW YORK CITY Travel Guide | VLOG 2021

I had a great time vacationing and visiting my second daughter, Haley in New York City. Paul and I flew out on Wednesday, the 14th along with our third daughter, McKenna and her fiance’, Bobby. We spent 6 full days enjoying and exploring one of my favorite cities. Haley’s friend, CJ, from back home (Michigan) flew in on Friday and stayed the weekend. We had a great time, as you will be able to see by watching all the footage I captured. I know the video is lengthy, but I assure you it’s eventful and exciting. I watched the whole video while getting a good burn on my treadmill. I’m sharing all of the details below as an Unofficial New York City Travel Guide.

I shared a lot of the outfits I wore in New York, whether in the Youtube video, or on Instagram Stories.

So many of you reached out inquiring about different pieces of my outfits. I admit, I packed really well for this trip. The main reason being, I have now been to NYC enough to have a good gauge on what works best for me and what doesn’t.

I shared in my Stories that I packed more of a capsule wardrobe for this trip. These would be pieces that I could interchange and get more than one wear out of. I also needed daytime outfits that easily transitioned into nighttime.  We had a couple really hot days and I played strategically for those. I was pleased with what I brought and only came home with a pair of white trouser shorts and a white blazer that I did not find use for.

I put the white blazer in the bottom of my handbag for evenings out in case I was in air conditioning and got cold (HUGE PET PEEVE of mine), but never needed it. A lot of our dining was outdoors, which is my favorite during the summer.

I did my best to link everything that I resourced and broke it down day-by-day.

Accessory wise, I only took one bag. With vlogging the trip, I knew that taking an evening bag would not prove functional. I also like the fact that someone, ME would have anything and everything that anyone could possibly need. I also wore clothes and shoes more than once, as well as jewelry. You will see below where I indicated that information.

We did a couple of workouts while vacationing.

Thursday, we did Orange Theory; because we have a membership for 1 workout per week. Friday, we did a Rumble Boxing Class and Monday we biked Central Park. The only pieces of workout attire that would still be new enough to link are these workout shorts, these g-strings that I only wear under workout clothes and these Athletic Shoes … which are my favorite. I order a new pair every spring and every fall. There are always several color options to choose from.

I packed 2 loungewear/pajamas for the trip. One to get me through the first three days/nights and one to get me through the last three. I also wore these lounge pieces while getting ready or as a mid-day outfit between daytime and evening adventures. Here are the lounge pants, which I LOVE. I have three pairs and will definitely be gifting these to loved ones this Christmas. Here is the tank, which I love, as well.

Below you will find a breakdown of my New York outfits.

You will also see a breakdown of every place we visited or dined at during our trip as part of my New York City travel guide . We did a lot, and most things we did were pre-planned, with reservations made in advance. For a portion of the trip there were 6 of us in total. We have found that with a larger party, reservations are often needed for dining or having drinks & bites at popular establishments. We did have some spontaneous choices thrown in and were lucky enough to get in. I will also say this was NOT a budget-friendly trip, which we knew ahead and planned for. I have a lot to say about traveling, as far as the balance of planning and spontaneity, budgeting and who you travel with. Watch my YouTube videos on my channel to help in this matter and would be happy to do more. 

If you have questions regarding the trip, please leave them in the comment section on Youtube. Also, please let me know if you would like me to do a Q & A Video on Travel/vacations. Before you leave a question, please watch my recent video on PLANNING THE ULTIMATE FAMILY VACATION – 10 Tips Everyone Must know

Watch my last two videos on traveling to NYC as part of my New York City Travel guide, The Family Heads to NYC (2019) / Business Trip Gone Pleasure Trip to NYC

Day one (Wednesday)

Travel Outfit

Night Out – Rooftop Pool/Bar (at our Hotel) 

Day Two (Thursday)

Walking around Brooklyn (Domino Park)

Rooftop Pool (afternoon)

Night Out

Day Three (Friday)

Day Four (Saturday)

Waverunner Excursion (all recycled from going to the pool on Thursday)

Night Out – I didn’t show this outfit because we were so pressed for time to get to dinner. I took a 35 minute nap, which was highly needed!!!

Day Five (Sunday)

Day Six (Monday)

Because it’s mentioned in the video – Paul’s Outfit

Day Seven (Tuesday) 

New York City Travel Guide – Day By Day

** Note some places we have visited in on past trips to New York and for good reason **








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I encourage you to save this post as a New York City Travel Guide for your future visits to the big apple!

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