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Today’s Video is a second in a 3 part series on Goal Setting. You can get to the first video, here. Stay tuned, in a few days I will have the third and last video in this series, posted. Yes are to be subscribed to my Youtube Channel


CREATING A GOALS MASTER PLAN PAGE (Vision Board) (ROI Return on Investment) 

  • Create a list with categories. These categories can be anything that you have a burning desire to implement achieving GOALS in. Examples include, but are not limited to: Health & Wellness, Exercise, Diet, Spiritual, Business, Financial, Income, Investing, Relationships, Home, Beauty. One of the best ways to tune into what needs to go on this list, is think about what you VALUE. What we value in our lives, tend to be the MOST IMPORTANT things in our life. What do you value? Why do you value it? You need to know WHY?
  • Some Categories may be put together. For example Health & Wellness could cover many topics (subcategories): Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Stress, Routine preventive appointments, etc. This will vary form person to person, and how ‘specific‘ you need to get with your Goals. If you are a beginner at GOAL SETTING, you will most likely need more categories, than let’s say a seasoned GOAL SETTER.
  • Next to each category/sub-category, write your projected goal for 2018. Underneath the category, make a bulleted list of what requirements it is going to take, or what you may to have to GIVE UP to be able to FOLLOW-THROUGH and achieve those results. BE SPECIFIC!!! Example:

Let’s say you go to bed between 10:30 and 11 p.m., but get up for work at 5:30/6 a.m.. You’re goal is to get more sleep, this year. Below is  an example of how this would look written out or in a document …


  • SLEEP (Sub-Category): Get more sleep (projected goal)
  1. No Television, computer or phone use (social media) after 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
  2. Set phone reminder to go off (nightly) at 8:45 to start preparing for that shut down
  3. NO eating, exercise or any other stimulant-inducing activity after 6:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday
  4. In bed by 9:15. Lights out at 9:30 Sunday through Thursday
  5. Sleep in one of two days, every weekend

You may start with these exercises to achieve your goal, during the month of January. At the first of February, you reassess, if all is working and these exercises were realistic for you and your lifestyle, you will continue on. If not, you will tweak them slightly for the month of February. You will do this throughout the year. This method WORKS!!! It’s all in the FOLLOW-THROUGH of looking at your Vision Board or ROI, every single month. Everything is subject to change. Circumstances change, life changes, things change. Again, be realistic! It’s learning to find what works for you and then making it a HABIT!!!

In an upcoming video, I will share what is on MY list (and what my WHY is). I will also help you tweak your list. The goal here is to be realistic with your goal setting. Also, to learn to create monthly benchmarks in order to achieve those goals. Think of this as a vision board. There is POWER in VISIBILITY! You can’t BE, what YOU Can’t SEE!


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