Christmas Planning 2017 | Getting an Early Start


Today’s video is the first in a serious of Christmas Planning Videos. Watch for 2 more videos to come, this week.  In the next Christmas Planning video, there will be a GIVEAWAY. Be sure to Subscribe to both, my Youtube Channel, as well as my Website (here). By doing so you will recieve immediate notification when that video and GIVEAWAY goes live. The GIVEAWAY will run approximately one week.

To Create a Planner for yourself, You will need the following:

1/2 inch Binder  |  Printable / Printable |  Zipper Binder Pocket

I get asked, often about my Planner, My Daily Planning Printable’s and My Daily Devotional. You can shop those products here:

Planner If sold out, try here: Planner |  Daily Printables | Devotional .. more devotionals that I have and have mentioned: Jesus Calling / Jesus Calling For Kids / Daily Wisdom for Men 2018 (


How to Be on Your A Game (Youtube)

5 Tips To Being A Classy Lady (Youtube .. This is a MUST!)

How to have Motivation (Youtube)

Organization Tips & Block Scheduling Your Time (Youtube)

How To Create A Family Calendar (Youtube)

The Family Command Center (Calendar) (Blog Post)

Avoiding Drama With Family Over the Holiday’s (Youtube .. This is a MUST!)


FACE | Watch this Video Best in Beauty – Face | Under Eye Concealing & Brightening Tutorial
— Primer: Hourglass Mineral Veil Nordstrom / Sephora
— Foundation: Foundation: Estee Lauder DoubleWear ( Wheat) Ulta / Sephora applied with damp Beauty Blender Pro
— Under-eye Concealer + Brightener: Benefit Boi-ing .. used to be called Erase Paste (Medium 02) Ulta / Sephora
— Face Setting Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Sephora / Nordstrom
— Under-eye Setting Powder: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder 01: Sephora / Nordstrom
— Under-eye Setting Powder + Brightener: Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit Ulta / Sephora
— Bronzer + Contour: Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour Kit Ulta / Sephora
— Blush: BH Cosmetics 10 Color Blush Palette (wearing the vibrant magenta shade): Amazon
— Highlight: Laura Mercier Highlight 01 Sephora / Nordstrom
— Set & Forget: Mally Poreless Face Defender Ulta  /  Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Sephora / Ulta

EYES | Watch this Video Best in Beauty – Eyes | False Eyelash Tutorial
— Eyeshadow Palette: Lorac Pro I used the shadows: Cream to start, dusted all over entire lid  Ulta .. used Primer by Milani prior
— Eyeshadow Single: MAC Quarry windshield-wiper motion, in the crease: Ulta / Nordstrom
— Eyeshadow Palette: Urban Decay Naked ..used Buck in the crease, mixed with more MAC Quarry / Hustle on the lid / Darkhorse in the outer V ..smoked out and blended: Sephora / Ulta
— Eyeshadow Single (Tear duct Highlight): MAC Shroom Ulta / Nordstrom
— Eyeliner Pencil (Top Lash-line): Urban Decay 24/7  (Demolition) Ulta / Sephora
— Eyeliner Liquid (Slight Wing on top): Kat Von D (Trooper) Sephora
— Eyeliner Retractable (Tight-line): Essence Long Lasting Eye Liner (Black Fever) Ulta
— Mascara (Top Lashes): Cover Girl The Supersizer Ulta
— Mascara (Lower Lashes): Maybelline Lash Discovery Ulta
— False Eyelashes: Red Cherry Amazon
— Brow Pencil: Anastasia Brow Wiz (Medium Brown) SephoraUlta
— Brow Powder: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (Dark Brown) Ulta / Sephora
— Brow Gel: L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper (color was worn off, Brown of some sort) Ulta

LIPS | Watch This Video Best in Beauty – Lips
— Lip Pencil: Bite #014  Sephora
— Lipstick: Tom Ford Spanish Pink Nordstrom
—Lip Gloss: YSL Gloss Volupte in #19 Rose Nordstrom

Watch this Video Best in Beauty – Lips

— Top: Old
— Necklace: Nordstrom
— Earrings: Express
— Ring: Express
— Top that I wore on Snapchat the day this video came out: Express   with this neck scarf from Nordstrom
— Phone Case that I was holding on Snapchat: Nordstrom

For DAILY Content, including: Beauty, Fitness, Diet, Cooking, Family Adventures (w/ a BIG Family) and tons of Lifestyle Tips .. Follow me on Snapchat @ tracy_hensel

If you are interested in one-on-one Coaching in any of the following areas: Health / Personal Growth / Budgeting / Fashion / Beauty / Time Management … please email me at Services start at $85 per hour.

What TOPICS would you like me to talk about in future videos? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section, below .. or below the video on Youtube. Thanks so much for watching! And PLEASE tell others about me!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and proceed to check-out, I will be compensated a small commission.  I appreciate you using those links and supporting what I do.


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  • Reply Vicky Stock

    I would love to win this holiday planner. Love watching your videos you inspire me

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you, Vicky!! Wishing you good luck on the Planner!!

  • Reply Alma

    Hello Tracy, I love your blog and videos! They are very inspiring. I just subscribed to your blog. I subscribed on your YouTube channel a few weeks ago. I enjoy watching your videos. They help me so much. I am a working mom of 2 boys, and married to a very loving husband. I work full time – long hours (leave early for work and go home late). No matter how busy I am, I make sure to watch your videos and check out your posts during my lunch break. Thanks again. Looking forward for more! ❤️😍❤️

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you for you sharing, support and leaving such a sweet message. You certainly are burning the candle at both ends. Taking the time to watch me, as well as the time to leave such a sweet message, is very much appreciated!!! I can tell that yu are a positive person. Blessings, my friend! Keep up the positive attitude!! Have a great Monday!!! xx

  • Reply Helen E FOSTER

    Oh my, that is a cute planner… would love to win it…. I haven’t done a planner in a year…. so this would get me back in the grove and help me reduce the holiday stress.

    I enjoy your videos….ty

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Hi Helen! I hope you win! If not, you have plenty of time to get all the components and still get an early start! Have a blessed & beautiful Monday!! xx

  • Reply Bridget

    Christmas planner

  • Reply Lisa

    What a great idea to have a dedicated Christmas Planner. I just discovered your site and video tutorials. Very informative and fun!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Hi Lisa! Thank you! Glad to hear that you are enjoying my content, and love the Planner idea! Enjoy your Monday!!

  • Reply Tiffany Beckett

    I just found your channel on YouTube a few weeks ago and I absolutely love your videos! Thank you for making videos with such great, helpful content in such a caring and classy way.
    I would love to win your Christmas planner. I can’t wait to start early and truly enjoy my friends and family verses being stressed.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Hi Tiffany! Thank you so much for that! Great attitude on a stress free Christmas season!! I hope you win!! Enjoy your Monday!!

  • Reply Teri L.

    I would love to win this awesome planner. I’m a YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat subscriber of yours as well. I very much want to enjoy the holidays this year and love the idea of having time to actually focus on celebrating the true meaning of Christmas starting the day after Thanksgiving. My first grandchild was born this year and it would be a blessing to be able to be fully present leading up to Christmas so I can enjoy him and my whole family and concentrate on making memories instead of stressing about what to buy up until the very last minute.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Hi Teri!!! I would love for you to win, as well!! It is the perfect time to start planning! No one would ever say, “Boy, I wish I wouldn’t have started to plan so early!!” I am sure it will be a joyous season for you family with a new baby to love on!! Enjoy, make memories … and start new traditions!! Bless you!!

  • Reply Barbara Barnes

    OH, how I would love this….I am a planner by nature. I teach full-time and am building a home. This would keep me so organized.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Hi Barbara!! You certainly have a lot on your plate!! Sounds like this planer would be right up your alley!! And sounds like I wish you good luck on winning!! have a great Monday!!!

  • Reply Anonymous

    Tracy, you are my hero. I love watching all of your you tube videos and have watched several multiple times and even taken notes. You are such a beautiful vibrant person!
    I work full time and run out of time, end up spinning in circles and am never ready for any occasion. I aspire to being organized like YOU!!! Just ordered a handbag organizer and drawer organizers just like yours. Have a blessed day. Judy

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you so much! I appreciate you wonderful words! I am happy to hear that I am gleaming some organization tips, you way. I work full time, as well. It is a lot to juggle, and stay on the ball. You are not alone on this journey!! Stay positive!! xx

  • Reply Judy Crandall

    Anonymous reply – was actually me. Clicked on the Name required and the screen went blank.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thanks for sharing Judy! I replied on the Anonymous message! Hopefully you received it!!

  • Reply Sarie91

    Dear Tracy,

    Would you please consider doing a:closet organisation/what’s in my closet video? I would love it so much! Oh and ofcourse:I love your channel and all the tips and tricks. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Greetings from Holland

  • Reply Sarie91

    Oh I forgot to say: I watched the face shaving tutorial, and shaved my face (I’m a blond but I got the fuzz). I LOVE IT. My face feels só soft, cant wait to see what it looks like with make-up :). Love, Sarie

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Good Morning Sarie! I am happy that the face shaving is going so well for you!! Game Changer!!

  • Reply Aarushi

    Hi tracy! Thank you for your videos! I must say watching you on snapchat is another bonus video for the day 🙂 you are so positive and organized and put together! I have to tell you, your videos and daily motivation on snapchat have made me fall back into using my planner and get into time blocking.
    Thank you for all that you do. I think if you were ever to come out with your own planner, I would be among the first to buy it!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      You’re welcome!! Thank you for sending such a nice message!! Good for you, to be back on your ‘organizing game’!! I am hoping to get that planner out someday!!

  • Reply Rebecca Elder

    I was so haapy to find your YouTube channel and bow your blog. I can not tell you how many times I have watched your video on how to be a lady. I just think it is packed with helpful information. I would love to win your Christmas planner, I have never used one before! I love Christ, it is by far my favorite time of the year. But I admit it can get stressful at time. This might be just was I need! Thank you again for your great content.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      HI Rebecca! Thank you!! I love that you are watching my ‘Classy Lady’ Video ..over-and-over! I wish you good luck on winning the Christmas Planner!

  • Reply Elena

    I really love your videos. They help me in my life and hopefully will help me to transfer those skills to my kids. I would love a video about organizing clutter. For example, mail or random “stuff”. There the obvious bills vs. junk mail. But what about random stuff that you can’t throw away but you don’t need at the moment? Where do you keep it? What’s the best way to organize it so you can find it when you do need it? Do you use a filing cabinet or shelving system? Paper vs. knock knacks etc? I would find a video/blog post like this , it would be incredibly helpful!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you so much, Elena!! That is a great suggestion for a video. I would love to get one out on this type of system. In the meantime, I do have a video and a couple blog posts that would help with that. I especially recommend that you watch my two videos: +

  • Reply Susan Braithwaite

    Oh Tracy you are a girl after my heart.. Ha ha I also have a planner notebook not as nice as the one you are holding. Why I love you? You always take it to the next step like writing it in your calendar to where you put your notes love it.. Keep them coming I will keep watching and taking notes. You are such a inspiration and a joy to watch. Have a great day.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you Susan, for sending such a great message! Much appreciated! have a great day!!

  • Reply Linda

    Hi Tracy,
    I found you a few weeks ago and I like a lot your videos and how spontaneous and thru to yourself you seem to be. I just turned 40 last month, and I keep myself in great shape too, in fact people often think that I am in late 20s-early 30s. So I love finding other women like yourself who take good care of themselves and also have a nice sense of fashion. I just wanted to send you greetings and keep up the good work with your blog and videos, I look forward to watch your videos even if it is about something i don’t really care. Just to see you talking so outgoing and confident is very nice! I have a very stressful job in high-tech (silicon-valley) and enjoy watching your decoration videos and how lovely you welcome the holiday season. You bring peace to my mind for those minutes that I see your video and I feel like I am truly relaxed. You inspire a lot of people I am sure, and I think very similar to you in several aspects (family, fitness, diet), and maybe that is why i enjoy your videos. You are very beautiful too, do you ever make look book videos? that would be great for us 40+ ladies. Thanks Tracy!!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you, Linda! I appreciate all the wonderful things that you said. I am sorry to hear that you have such a stressful job. But, I love that I can provide some down-time for you to enjoy! Bless YOU! I do plan on doing some Lookbook type of videos!! I think it would be great!! Have a great week!!

  • Reply Melissa

    Really enjoy your videos Tracey! I’m not sure if this information is going to be in your upcoming Xmas videos, but I feel I sometimes go overboard on gifts! Do you have a budget for your girls?? Who do you buy for outside your immediate family? I can’t wait to see what’s on your gift giving list this year!! Thank you for all your hard work! I hope your computer is behaving for you❤

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Hi Melissa! I am sure that this comment was sent, prior to my Christmas Budget, video. Hopefully you got the chance to watch that video, by now … and it answered some of your questions!! Thank you for your sweet and supportive message! Bless you! Have a great week!!


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