Hi, I'm Tracy!

A forty-‘something’ beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. More importantly, I am a devoted wife to Paul (26 years) and mother to five beautiful daughters Kirstyn (25), Haley (22), McKenna (20), Carly (18) and Chloe (13). My oldest daughter is engaged to be married in 2020.

I’ve always had a love for all things beauty, fashion, wellness and anything to do with maintaining a functional home and family. Although I have made many sacrifices being a mom to a large family, I never compromised taking care of myself with a health and beauty regime, keeping up with current fashion + beauty trends, as well as presenting a stylish image.

Many years ago, while training clients, writing diet programs and speaking on healthy living, I started tapping into sharing my creative outlet by documenting my personal style to my Instagram page. After repeatedly receiving questions about hair, makeup + skincare, fashion, exercise & diet, I realized I needed more than a comment section on an Instagram photo. I wanted to be able to reach out in a more thorough and purposeful way. This inspiration motivated me to start my own blog, and eventually my Youtube Channel. That my lovely friends, is how it all evolved. I hope you enjoy my personal look-book of style, beauty, food, fitness, family and anything else that tugs at my heart (or maybe my pocketbook) at any given moment.