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What I Got For Christmas | 2021

I wanted to share what the kids got me for Christmas. By kids, I mean all five daughters, as well as Tim and Bobby. Tim is my son-in-law, married to my oldest daughter, Kirstyn. Bobby is my future son-in-law. He and my third daughter, McKenna, will marry in our backyard in late June. I absolutely love both Tim and Bobby and couldn’t ask for two better guys to have in our fun family. 

On Stories, I shared a combined gift that the girls gave Paul and me. If you missed Stories yesterday, I saved the footage to the highlight bubble, titled ‘Yesterday’. Don’t wait too long to watch it, because I update the ‘Yesterdays’ highlight several times per week. I also shared how Paul and I handle gift giving for one another, and how the kids decide what to give their father and me as gifts. 

I’ll first share that THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST.

I just simply LOVE the item the kids gifted me and feel that ANYONE would regardless of age and stage. While a man may not get excited about the item, as a woman would, they would certainly appreciate it. With Valentine’s Day approaching and holidays like Mothers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, a gift like this may be just what you need. Afterall, in this day and age, WHO doesn’t already have everything they need. 

The gift that I am talking about is the Wifi Aura Frame. Shopping links will be below. The model the kids selected for me is called Mason. They chose this model because it was in their budget, and they liked that you had the option of landscape or portrait. In our family, most pictures are taken in portrait. I am sure Instagram & Stories, plus the convenience of portrait mode on our phones plays a role in this.

Let me share with you why this frame is so AMAZING, and honestly is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. I know how much thought went into the gift, because I know my girls spend time thoroughly discussing gifts for Paul and me.  

How the photo frame works:

The first thing you want to do is download the free Aura frames app and sync your camera roll, iCloud or Google Photos. You can invite loved ones to share their photos on the app, so the pictures show up on the display screen in the frame. This can be done from anywhere in the world, so if someone is vacationing clear across the country and they take a picture and share it in the app, the photo will pop up on your frame. I know these photo frames have been around for years, but the Aura frame with the app is genius. The features are what drew the girls to this frame.

 If you choose to, you can go to your settings in the app and have a notification pop up when a loved one adds a photo. When my notification goes off, I cannot wait to see who shared a photo and what it’s of; a lot of June Bug, which makes me so happy. Everyone else in the family will get the same notification, if they have their settings to allow.

Another feature, like social media, you can comment on the photo that was shared or give it a heart, which means ‘love’. There are other symbols too, like one that says ‘Family hug!’ or ‘Hugs & Kisses’. Photos can be removed at any time (on the app) and then they will no longer show up on the display screen on the frame. You can share short video clips. Paul put a funny one on Bobby boxing in the Metaverse. I shared that on Stories on Friday. You can choose how long you would like a photo to show on the display screen before the next photo pops up. I have my frame set to 15 seconds and it’s perfect.

In addition ..

There is an interactive touch bar on the top, as well as the side of the frame. You can also control your frame right from the app. You can control the brightness, too. The display has a light sensor and goes to sleep when the room is dark. 

If you give someone an Aura frame as a present, I assure you, they will be thrilled. It’s an exciting gift to open. Here’s why:  There’s a gift setup feature, which allows you to preload photos in advance of presenting your gift to the recipient. For example, when I opened the Aura frame box and turned the frame on, there was a family photo that popped up with a typed message from the kids that said: “Merry Christmas Mom! We love you so much! Love Kirstyn, Tim, Kaylee, June, Halsey, McKenna, Bobby, Carly & Chloe.”

The girl’s chose the frame in the light color (soft or winter white) over the dark. They figured I would put the frame in the kitchen. They know that is where it will be enjoyed the most. I know the girl struggled with the decision of which color, but I am really glad they chose the light one. It blends well with the backsplash in my kitchen and it really allows the photos to stand out. While I do love the rose gold frame, it is very costly. I could see myself wanting one in that color eventually for the family room. The soft white is perfect for the kitchen. 

Paul was not aware that the kids got me this wonderful gift, so it was just as exciting for him. He loves it and has a lot of fun with it, like putting Bobby’s video clip on there. I think it’s because he knows everyone will be notified when a photo is added on the app and it sparks camaraderie amongst the family. As you know we are a joking and sarcastic bunch. Overly sensitive people would never survive in this family. – LOL!

The free “Aura Frames” app is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch).

Aura Frame website. You can sign up for 10% off….or use code “HELLO-AURA10”

This site does not provide affiliate links. I do not receive a small commission if you purchase from the site.

If you decide to shop your Aura frame from one of the websites below, please use the link provided, as these are affiliate links and I appreciate the small commission I receive as a token of your loyal support.

 Best BuyTarget  /  Bed Bath BeyondKohl’s / Amazon

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