White Trousers : Perfect For The Entire Year

Did you see my outfit post from yesterday? As you know I LOVE white and Winter White Trousers – year round. Evidently there is an old wives tale. In coaching we call this a limited belief – No white after labor day. Clearly someone who knows and loves fashion did not come up with this limited belief, nor does the fashion forward follow this old wives tale (aka LIE). White trousers are gorgeous and chic year round. I especially find them to be a sophisticated look during the holidays, when so many are sporting their all black. Don’t get me wrong, I love black, as well. My thoughts, just don’t overdo the black. Bring on color and white, or soft white; whichever flatters you more. 

If you scroll through my Instagram feed, you will see photo after photo of me in white or winter white trousers. I even have cropped winter white trousers that look amazing in summer with heels and fall and winter with booties. I love this color so much and cannot have enough in my wardrobe, as it’s a staple. Recently, I took the plunge on these Winter White Beauties w/ slits for the holidays. I will let you know in next week’s newsletter what my thoughts are, as they have not arrived yet. Here are the details to yesterday’s look:

Outfit & Beauty Details

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