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What Women Want – Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ladies, show this to your significant others. Men, do you know what women really want? Valentine’s may be considered a Hallmark Holiday but it’s still the perfect time to show your babe how much you love and care about her. I’m making it easy for you. I’ve given you a TON of gift ideas to give this Valentine’s Day, all you have to do is shop below! Minimal Effort Required and Maximum Effect!


Let’s start with an easy and safe bet for Valentine’s Day- flowers. You can USUALLY never go wrong with flowers, especially if you send them to her workplace. And with Valentine’s Day being on a Friday- you could do that. First, the flowers will be beautiful. Second, your S/O gets to show off how great her man is.

There are a TON of flower places to shop online like Teleflora and ProFlowers that guarantee freshness and delivery for Valentine’s day but a local flower shop is also a great option.

Keep in mind, she might not be a fan of roses! If that’s the case, there are SO MANY other flower options to choose from!


Another safe bet for a Valentine’s gift – Chocolate. But please, whatever you do- DON’T buy the supermarket special – this is that place where you have to put in minimal effort. We want GOOOD chocolate. If we’re going to throw away the calories, it’s got to be worth it. And if you’re S/O isn’t a fan of chocolate, there are still other types of candy to get her!

Harry & David is a go-to place for occasions like this and you don’t even have to step foot into a store. Chocolates, truffles, donuts, you name it.

Williams – Sonoma is also another GREAT choice. They have GORGEOUS cookies. Delectable chocolates. Champagne flavored Candies and even cakes. Seriously, check it out and thank me later.


This is a good one. That may take more effort on your end. Firstly, it may require you to know what your S/O likes. Does she like gold, does she like silver? Rose gold? Are her ears pierced? Obviously, jewelry is more of a personal gift but it’s always such a romantic gift.

You’ve obviously got your higher-end jewelry stores that run Valentine’s day promotions. But don’t overlook stores like Nordstrom for more affordable OR fine jewelry or Macy’s that offer equally as amazing jewelry.

If fine jewelry isn’t in your budget or your S/O simply isn’t a fan of that sort of jewelry, stores like Sequin and Aurate NY may be more their speed- and yours!

Bath and Body Sets


Wine or Champagne Baskets

Again, Harry & David is a go-to place for occasions like this. They offer wonderful wine or champagne gift baskets that include gourmet food or cheese pairings. A romantic evening at home with one of these. You’ve just won major point, my friend.

Williams – Sonoma does the same thing with gift baskets but they also will do prepared meals that can be shipped to you. Like an Elegant Lobster Dinner for Two. Come on- how could it get better?

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

A Valentine’s Day classic. Harry & David offers Chocolate covered strawberries – again they’re just a go-to place for Valentine’s gifts. They offer strawberry and cheesecake sets. Or other fruit baskets.

Intimate Apparel

Adore Me is a great place to buy lingerie for your lady. They have so many sizes and amazing pieces. Of course, there is also Victoria’s Secret, Nordstrom and Macy’s for you, too!

Robes, Pajamas or Slippers

Vanity Trays

Other Gift Ideas

  • Take her to dinner.
  • Better yet, hire the babysitter, plan a nice night out that includes a nice dinner.
  • A night away! Book a hotel, have dinner that night and brunch the next morning!
  • A concert or show that’s coming to town!

Greeting Cards

Sometimes your S/O just wants a nice card with a heartfelt message.

Outfit Details

Videos To Watch

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What are you getting the woman in your life for Valentine’s Day?

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