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Wine Wednesday | Girlfriend Gift Guide – gifts for your gal pals!

Today, my girlfriend Amy and I are sharing what we think are the perfect gifts to buy for girlfriends in your life – the, you guessed it, Girlfriend Gift Guide. While your girlfriends are important people in your life, buying them fragrances or clothing items isn’t necessarily as easy as it is for buying those things for a family member. We cover a multitude of girlfriend gifts that would be perfect! Grab your glass of wine and join me and Amy for a Christmas edition of Wine Wednesday!

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If you are shopping from any of my gift guides, I would really appreciate you using my links. I make a small commission anytime you use these links to shop at no extra cost to you. This helps to support my channel so I can continue to do what I love for you! My business manager and I have done our best to make the links as specific as possible so your shopping experience can be as easy as possible.

This is the Champagne that Amy and I drank during the video


While perfumes are hard to buy for a friend because of smell preferences, candles are easier because you’re not WEARING it. There are some candle scents that most people will enjoy (think Vanilla or Balsam).

Some Places To Buy Unique and Beautiful Candles

Otherland has beautiful packaging and chic scents.

Nest Fragrances makes great candles (You know my love for the Birchwood Pine scent). They’re truly luxury candles that burn forever and burn clean!

Anthropologie tends to have candles that not only smell good but have beautiful packaging as well.

Nordstrom has a HUGE range of candles including Nest and Anthropologie brand candles. They also have high-end candles like Le Labo and Tom Ford. It’s easy to pick out a candle for anyone from that list.

Amazon is a safe bet to find affordable and a great variety of candles.

Sephora also has a surprisingly great selection to choose from.

Bath and Body Works is also an obvious pick for candles.


To go with the candles, matches make a much more aesthetically pleasing gift to place with a candle.


Going right along with scents, diffusers also make great gifts. Whether it’s the old fashion reed diffusers or the essential oil diffusers, they’re great gifts for your friends!


If you watched my recent Favorite Things video, you know I have 2 robes that I love so much! My Barefoot Dreams CozyChic robe and my Ugg Duffield robe get worn almost every day. This is a wonderful gift for any girlfriend in your life!

Other Places to Shop for Robes

Amazon has thousands of robes to choose from both extremely affordable and high end.

Target also has great robes that are cozy and affordable!

Asos has a nice selection of robes that range from soft and cozy to chic and sassy.

Macy’s has robes that include my beloved Ugg robe.

Nordstrom has both the Barefoot Dreams and Ugg robe as well as so many other robes.


Who doesn’t love to be comfy and cozy? Along with robes, pajamas are a wonderful gift. My all-time favorite Nordstrom Moonlight Lingerie pajamas are an obvious choice.

Other Places to Shop for Pajamas

Target has wonderful pajama options at an affordable price. They have a close dupe for the Nordstrom Pajamas I love, too!

Old Navy has a ton of pajama options, too. They also always have great festive options for the Holidays!

Macy’s has a HUGE selection of pajamas to choose from. They have sets, individuals, and plenty of nightgowns to choose from.

Nordstrom has plenty of options, too. Despite my love for their in-house brand. They also carry ugg brand pajamas.

Nordstrom Rack also has great pajama options. Many high-end brands at an amazingly affordable price!

H&M has affordable and trendy PJ options!


Moving right along with the cozy theme, we have slippers. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m always cold and always have my Ugg Ansley Slippers on.

Other Places to Shop for Pajamas

Nordstrom has a lot of slipper options from Uggs and Minnetonka. They also have a few fun pairs!

Macy’s again has a lot of options from brands like Dearfoam and Isotoner.

Don’t forget to look at Amazon and Target for great affordable slipper options.

Don’t forget about shoe stores like DSW. They have a great selection and seem to always be running some sort of sale!

Coffee Table Books

These are a great addition to any home and any book collection. They’re great to have sitting out but also have wonderful content! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, Target, Shopbop, and Urban Outfitters are all places that carry great options.

Specific Books Mentioned in the Video

Phone Cases & Accessories

Society6 has phone cases that have custom art from artists around the world.

Mark & Graham has leather cell phone cases as well as other accessories such as wallets that hold your cell phone and RFID blocking carrying cases.

Zazzle has custom cell phone cases as well. You can upload your own pictures to use on cases, too!

You can find all sorts of cell phone accessories and cases on Amazon!

Casetify is another favorite for phone accessories.

Cold Weather Accessories

Be sure to check out my Under $25, $25 to $50 and Luxury Gift Guides for more cold-weather accessories.

Overland has high quality, luxury cold-weather accessories. You NEED to check out the options.

L.L Bean is known for its cold-weather accessories. They have a lot of cute options to choose from.

Asos also has a large variety of gloves, hats, and other winter needs.

Target has trendy cold-weather gear for an affordable price.

Kohl’s and Macy’s are two HUGE department stores with creat options.

Nordstrom is a great place to shop for all accessories but especially cute winter things.

Neiman Marcus Last Call has great cold-weather accessories sometimes up to 55% off!

T.J. Maxx has affordable designer name things for you to shop.

I’ve linked more scarves in my recent Coat Guide video.

TopShop Handbags

Topshop has affordable and fashionable handbags that make the perfect gift. You can shop them on Topshops site or Nordstrom (almost 1000 handbags).

Leather Goods

Be sure to check out my $25 to $50 and Luxury Gift Guides for more leather good gifts.

Leatherology has an amazing selection of high quality leather goods from travel accessories to journals and luggage.

Kate Spade has wonderful fun and quirky leather goods that are PERFECT for a girlfriend!

Mark & Graham is a go-to for leather goods. They also have a great under $50 section.

Dagne Dover has great travel and work tote bags in a multitude of colors.

Ted Baker has swoon-worthy leather goods in beautiful prints. The options are trendy and chic and your best pal deserves it.

Nordstrom Rack has a huge selection of card cases that will fit any style.

Specific Objects Mentioned in Videos

Cosmetics Cases with Words

Photo Books and Picture Frames

Shutterfly, Snapfish, Amazon Prints, and Papier are all great places to purchase photo books, calendars, and other photo type gifts.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry with your friends’ initials or birthstone colors can go a long way to make them feel extra special!

This is a gift that Tracy purchased for Amy as a Christmas Gift – It includes Free Monogramming

Soaps and Lotions

World Market is my go-to place for these types of gifts. Pier 1 is another great option!

To make a wonderful themed gift, these Monogrammed Towels would be a great addition to hand soap and a soap dish.

You can also gift these bath towels. They’re the only ones my husband and I use.

Wine, Oils, and Spreads

Your local small businesses are likely to have wonderful oil and spreads options. World Market always has a wall FULL of wine but regional wines are also wonderful.

Williams Sonoma is a wonderful option with gourmet food choices.

Harry David has pre-made gift basket options full of wine, cheese, and spreads.

Themed Gift Basket

This goes right along with the wine, oil and spreads option. Other themed baskets that make great gifts are things like makeup or fitness!

There are also ready-made gift sets like THIS at department stores.

Themed Cookbook

An Experience

An experience for your friend to share with you is the perfect addition to the Girlfriend Gift Guide

Last year I booked Amy & I a DryBar Blowout. We had wine while having our blowouts and good conversation and laughs. Chances are your friend will appreciate a dedicated experience for just the two of you!

Stubhub has Cirque du Soleil ticket on sale right now. What a wonderful night out that would be for you and your friends. Or even concerts tickets.

End the night with dinner or drinks and you have a fun girls night!

Sea Glass & Pebble Art

The Lady Mildred is a UK based artist who makes sea glass and pebble art.

More Sea glass and pebble art


Firstleaf Wine Club is a really great gift for your wine lovers or for yourself to learn and/or entertain. This makes the PERFECT addition to the Girlfriend Gift Guide

Take the short easy quiz to understand your wine preferences, which region you like wine from, and how much you drink per month.

A few days after you take your quiz, a custom introductory order will arrive at your home for a small fee. Welcome to the club.  You can then give a thumbs up on your selections. You can modify, adjust, or cancel your subscription at any time. Firstleaf Wine Club also has a great Concierge Team that can answer any questions or just to talk wine.

This is a great way to learn about wine and have a support team at your fingertips.


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What do you gift the girlfriends in your life?

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