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Healthy Food Haul + EMPTIES



  • Eggs: Look for Pasture Raised. Support your local farmers
  • Salmon Fillets (Sea Queen Wild Caught Salmon Fillets): Aldi
  • Salmon Packets (Chicken of the Sea): Kroger
  • Chicken Breast – canned (Swanson): Kroger
  • Protein Drinks (Premier Protein): Amazon / Caramel or Walmart ..sold in the supplement isle located by the pharmacy. Not the Grocery side.
  • Protein (Beverly): Order through me. It’s $43 a tub + shipping. Email me at
  • Veggie Burgers (Sweet Earth): Kroger .. in the organic refrigerator section. Also comes in Teriyaki.
  • Veggie Burger (Gardenburger): Kroger .. in the organic freezer section. Also come in a couple other varieties
  • Walnut Pieces (Simple Truth): Kroger .. produce
  • Pecan Pieces (Simple Truth): Kroger .. produce
  • Cashew Almond Pistachio Mix (Back to Nature): Amazon / Pack of 3 Amazon or Kroger .. organic
  • Almond Butter: Amazon /Aldi / Kroger
  • Protein Almond Butter in Snickerdoodle, Chocolate or Birthday Cake (mentioned): Amazon
  • Hummus (Lilly’s): Kroger .. organic, refrigerator section
  • Hummus (Cedar’s): Kroger .. organic, refrigerator section
  • Avocados: Grocery – produce
  • Quinoa (Simple Truth Organic): Amazon or Kroger .. isle where rice is located, not organic section
  • Sandwich Thins (O’Doughs): Kroger .. organic Freezer
  • Roasted Seaweed Snack (Simply Truth Organic): Amazon Kroger .. organic section. The Wasabi will have a kick.
  • Protein Bar (GO Macro): Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Amazon or Amazon / Peanut Butter Amazon or Kroger .. organic. I did not care for the Sunflower Butter & Chocolate, but like the other ones that I’ve tried.
  • Protein Bar (Amazing Grass Protein Superfood): Amazon or Kroger .. organic
  • Mini Bar (Kind Minis -variety) in Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt and Caramel Almond & Sea Salt: Almond or Kroger .. organic
  • The Complete Cookie (Lenny & Larry’s): Amazon or Kroger .. organic / Walmart .. supplement section. My favorite is Snickerdoodle
  • Ice Cream (Halo Top): Kroger .. freezer section
  • Amazing Grass packets (Green Superfood): Meijer .. supplements section or Amazon
  • GT’S Kombucha Drinks: Amazon  or Kroger in the organic refrigerator section. Watch the sugar on some of the flavors. These are two servings.
  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (Ginger Spice): Amazon / Cider Grape and Acai Amazon / Pomegranate and Goji Berry Amazon
  • Lemons: Organic Produce
  • Ginger Root: Produce
  • Stevia: Amazon or Aldi
  • Ortho Molecular Products Adren-All: Amazon
  • Just Potent Probiotics: Amazon
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: Amazon
  • Fiber Prebiotics & Probiotics (Genesis Today): Amazon
  • Glutamine Select (Beverly): Order through me. It’s $43 a tub + shipping. Email me at .. see blog post for benefits: here

Anything purchased at Kroger, can most likely be bought at any Grocery Store


 Intermittent Fasting
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 Lemon-Ginger Detox with Turmeric & Cayenne
Cleansing Detox Broth
Tracy’s Baked Salmon
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Getting Organized


 TOP: Express (size small) I also purchased this top in Wild Orchid
PANTS: Boston Proper (sold out in the Army Green color that I have)
BLUSH: Mac in Blushbaby Nordstrom or Macy’s
LIP PENCIL: Palladio in Rose Sally Beauty / Amazon
LIPSTICK: Palladio in Rosey Sally Beauty
LIPGLOSS: NYX in Cosmo Amazon / Amazon

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and proceed to check-out, I will be compensated a small commission. I appreciate you using those links and supporting what I do.


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  • Reply Deanna Pizitz

    Love this post!! Thank you for sharing! Do you drink Matcha? If you do which kind do you drink?

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you Deanna! I have drank matcha in the past. I do not currently. I am always mixing things up with my diet. But all-in-all … keeping it clean is my focus. Treating myself on occasion. Glad yo enjoyed the content!!!

  • Reply Karla

    I too appreciate these type of videos, thank you for saving your trash! I follow you on Snapchat and started buying canned chicken and mixing hummus with it and that is now my go-to lunches when I’m in a hurry. Keep these videos coming, I always follow many of your recommendations.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you Karla! I appreciate you nice, supportive comment!Glad you like the chicken and hummus. Sounds like you have a nice balance!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xx

  • Reply Heather Henderson

    That halo top ice cream is 240 for the entire carton 🍦

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thanks Heather! This encouraged me to pick up 2 this week during my grocery shopping adventures. I still need to watch not to eat the whole container in one sitting. Believe me … I could!! Sugar alcohol can be a little disruptive to my digestive system. If I ate a whole container … I most likely would pay!! Thank you for sharing this. I will be sure to share that information on my Snapchat, when I share myself eating some. have a great weekend!! xx

  • Reply Erica

    Thank you Tracy for sharing all this information with us on being healthy.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Glad you enjoyed, Erica! Thank you!


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