7 Steps To Walking Gracefully In Heels and A Coloblocked Sheath Dress


 DRESS: Calvin Klein Macy’s (wearing size 4)
SHAPE WEAR: Nordstrom / Nordstrom / Nordstrom / Macy’s / Macy’s  – blog post on the importance of shape wear, here
SHOES: INC at Macy’s / Macy’s
CLUTCH: Tory Burch .. less expensive one by B.P. at Nordstrom – video on what I carry in this clutch, here
RING: Nordstrom (may be sold out) love this one here, at Macy’s
FAUX WEDDING RING SET: Amazon also added this one by Amazon


EYESHADOW PALETTE’S: Urban Decay Smoked (discontinued) used the blue shade / Too Faced Chocolate Bar at Sephora / Ulta used the vanilla shade, the mid-tone matte brown, and the light shimmery pink
FALSE LASHES: Red Cherry Lashes at Amazon
BLUSH: Burberry in Cameo at Sephora / Nordstrom
LIP PENCIL: Bite in shade at Sephora
LIPSTICK: Maybelline in Lust for Blush at Ulta
LIPGLOSS: Laura Mercier in Nordstrom

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I’m sure many of you know perfectly well how to walk gracefully in heels. On the other hand, I’m sure some of you are shaking your head thinking, oh no I don’t! With all the formal dances coming up for high school girls, including one of my own, and banquet, graduations, and even wedding season; I thought this was the perfect time to do a blog post with steps on how to walk gracefully in heels. When Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” I’m fairly certain she was referring to heels … possibly stilettos. After all, we are talking about Marilyn. But if you can’t walk in heels, I’ve put together seven steps to help you with taking those …well, steps …

Step 1: Walk heel to toe, not toe to heel. The easiest way to look like an amateur in heels is to put your whole foot down at once, as if you were wearing flats. When wearing heels, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will make your walk look more natural.

Step 2: Take Small Steps. Wearing heels makes your stride shorter than normal, so you’ll have to take an increased number of small steps to go the same distance. I’m not recommending baby steps, but don’t try to take your usual long strides, either.

Step 3: Don’t Rush. Trying to walk quickly in heels ends up looking quite awkward. Between the smaller steps and the compromised balance, it’s best to take your time in heels. Besides, believe it or not, walking slowly gives off an air of confidence.

Step 4: Lean slightly back. You may find that you want to walk faster than your heels will allow, and end up craning your neck forward to compensate. This ends up looking strange, so allow yourself to lean just the slightest bit back when walking in heels, and this will counteract your inclination to lean forward.

Step 5: Visualize yourself walking in a straight line. Like you were taught in art class, when you want to draw a straight line, you’ll get better results if you look at your end point, as you draw .. rather than looking at your pencil as you move. Similarly, when walking in heels, you’ll walk more gracefully if you look at your goal point (maybe it’s the podium at the end of a stage), and visualize a straight line going toward your end point, rather than looking down at your heels as you walk.

Step 6: Arch your foot slightly. As you take each step, or if you feel yourself slipping, arch your foot slightly to put pressure on the inside of your shoe. This will make your shoe fit close to your foot, making it easier to maneuver.

Step 7: Make sure your shoes fit. If your shoes don’t fit properly, it makes the difficult task of walking naturally almost impossible. If your heels are too big, use shoe pads for a better fit. If they are too small, consider having them stretched by a local cobbler or you can watch YouTube videos to see ways to stretch them yourself. But ALWAYS try on and walk around in heels before purchasing. If they are not comfortable initially, imagine how they will feel after a couple hours.

I hope you found this post to be helpful. If you don’t wear heels often, it may be good to notepad this post and refer back to it a few days before an upcoming event.

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  • Reply Cristi Ramos

    I absolutely LOVE this dress on you Tracy! I think I may need to order this since it’s not available locally to pick up. Gorgeous!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you Cristi! It is a very thick and luxurious fabric. I love it! It would look great on you!! Appreciate your comments!

  • Reply Elizabeth Hilling

    You look so pretty! Love the tips!!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you Elizabeth!! Have a GREAT weekend, my beautiful friend!!! xx

      • Reply Anonymous


    • Reply Meg Rafferty

      I appreciate your class and style in a world where it seems to be fading. I like how you think. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Reply Synamon

    Does this apply to platforms as well?

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Yes, they are a heel. Although Platforms are much easier to walk in.

  • Reply Synamon

    My feet are inclined to shift while walking in heels, causing a slight (or not so slight) stumble, which tip above might help?
    Great post!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post. All tips apply when walking in High Heels, with Grace. Some people cannot where heels. If that is the case, they would not need to use these steps.

  • Reply Gracie

    Nice work!!!!!! Awesome You Tubing !!!!!!! Enjoyed the pics . !!!! Ill be keeping up!!!!!! Gracie….very helpful..!!!!!💐

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you, Gracie! I am happy that you enjoyed the video.

  • Reply Julie

    I myself cannot wear high heels and I am a little envious of the women that can,as there are so many many stylish shoes and boots on the market. You look so elegant, in your dress and heels. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you, Julie! Yes, there indeed are more stylish shoes in the heel range. It’s unfortunate for those that cannot wear them.

    • Reply Anonymous

      There is always kitten heels which also look very elegant 1 3/4-2 inches

  • Reply Maria Robinson

    You communicate so graciously and portrait what you suggested so naturally, that inspired me to emprove continuity as enthusiastic you do. Thanks.

  • Reply Babette Sparling

    Love your blogs. .I am an older person. but still enjoy your tips. I have always worn high heels but lately I seem a bit wobbly and it looks a bit silly (like I’m too old for heels) so I tried heel first and it works.
    I love high heels with jeans. Thanks Tracy

  • Reply Tammy

    I Love this and Thank you so much for showing us Ladies the Proper respect and To be That Classy Lady in all Situations!!!
    I have a Question…. I am A Pastors wife and I have always Tried to be as Classy as possible But recently I have came down with a hip and knee problem so therefore I now walk with a limp and my Confidence has came way down!!!
    I know I can’t help this limp but I Really still want to be as Classy as possible…
    any ideas on What to do to present my self more confident and classy?
    Again Thank you so much for any and all Answers on this matter!
    Hope your Day is Blessed my Friend! 💋

  • Reply Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for this advice for walking in heels. I actually didn’t know that it could be good to lean back very slightly when walking in heels. I’m kind of interested to learn if this is something you should practice in the mirror so that you can see how your posture looks.

  • Reply Nisha

    This post was so helpful!

  • Reply Joyce Hamilton-Whitson

    Thank you for creating this blog site and the YouTube channel as well.
    I came across your post on how to be a classy lady. It was a fitting reminder of what I had been taught in my younger years, but hadn’t been practicing at home as much on a regular basis.

  • Reply Kimmy

    OMG you look so beautiful! Thank you for the tips!

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