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Motivation Topics With Tracy


Today’s ‘TOPIC with TRACY’ is on MOTIVATION. I hope after watching this video, you find yourself with a different mind-set and approach to not only reaching your health goal, but maintaining it for the long term. Please comment below what other ‘TOPICS with TRACY’ you would like to hear.


** I already have blog posts on many of these topics, please peek around my site **

I may not be an ‘expert’ in all these fields … but due to trial and error … I’m pretty darn close!

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  • Reply Tiffany Palmer-Jones

    Great Video! It definitely is a mindset.

    It sounds like we can all make MANY excuses to get out of exercise. If it’s important, we make it happen. If not, we make an excuse. WE are important and we should all work to make our health a priority. Easier said than done, but the reminder was much needed.

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thanks Tiffany! You are so correct about ‘making it happen’ or making excuses’. Is’ simple as that! If you make it a priority, it will get done. I schedule my workouts like a job, appointment, meeting. It is easier said than done. But most things are. We don’t accomplish anything by being a dreamer! You have to do! you have to persevere and execute!! Appreciate your intuitive input!!! xx


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