January Jumpstart 5 Cleanup Rules

January Jumpstart

Happy New Year! We are about a week in. My question – Are you still feeling the ‘happy’? Or, have you already fallen off the wagon? Let’s face it, the first week is generally not the toughest. It’s the days following, that start to trip us up. With the weekend approaching, and all the temptations that come with the weekends, I figured this post was more suitable now … than on January 1st. I did share a post going into the New Year. But not so much tailored to a healthy lifestyle. That post is more on things to consider covering other areas of our life. There is a lot more to self improvement than diet and exercise. If you haven’t read this post, scroll down or click, here. It’s worth the consideration. How about another inspiring article to read? On top of all the other articles that you have had pop up on your computer screen this week, what’s another one? You can never be too motivated, right? Let’s dive in . . .

Are you ready for a January Jumpstart? I don’t know about you, but for me, January comes like a vengeance! I know the first week did! Certainly it can’t just ease its way in … Oh no, the month of January notoriously has to come with a few strings attached. Ahhh, the pressure! Pressure of new goals and those dreaded resolutions. Let me start this blog post off by saying, I am not a ‘resolution-type’ person. I resolved many years ago to never resolve, again. Allow me to explain. Let’s take a look at the meaning of ‘resolution’. A firm decision ‘to do’ or ‘not to do’ something. Oh dear! This is not going to work. It’s too final, it’s cut and dry … leaving no room for error. Frankly, this just sets me up for complete failure. I rest my case.

Now lets take a look at the word, ‘Goals’. Goals can be long-term, intermediate, or short-term. The primary difference is the time required to achieve them. Okay, now we’re talking. The term ‘goals’ speaks so much more my language. I like elbow room. I like a little gray area. There’s something about goals, unlike resolutions, that tends to keep you from that feeling of complete failure. Perfection doesn’t work. Better does. And I’m sticking with it, in all areas of my life, this year. You in, or what? It takes a village! I need you and you need me! Can I get an “Amen”? You know where the comment section is.

January Jumpstart

This blog post is going to be tailored to cleaning up. A jump start to the new year. Five Cleanup rules to the care and keeping of Numero UNO  (YOU) … beautiful you, awesome you, the best you ever! Remember what I said in my last post … “You are an AWESOME Goddess!!!”

Alright, shall we jump in? After all, It is a January Jumpstart. Let’s do this.

January Jumpstart

Tracy’s ‘Cleanup Rules’

  1. Drink. Water, water with lemon, water with ginger and lemon, water with ginger, lemon, turmeric and cayenne .. like in this blog post, half your body weight in water! Just get it in, already! Take a big break from your nightly ‘party’ drink .. and I’m not limiting this to alcohol. This could be anything and everything. Just stop! Wait til’ the weekend. Keep it on ice or have it with water. Stay away from all the sugar-laden juices, mixes, and all the other glorified beverages your slurping down and adding extra calories and any other toxic things that are sabotaging your efforts in keeping your …… yep, you guessed it, GOALS!!!!
  2. Eat. Really? Did somebody just say I could eat? It’s the New Year. I’m supposed to be starving myself. Isn’t that the New Year trend? January 1st, starve yourself.  January 2nd, eat clean. January 3rd, binge-fest baby … after-all I deserve it! Oh shoot, I broke my resolution, AGAIN! I’m a failure. Oh, I give up! I’ll never be able to do this. Failure, failure AGAIN! Maybe next year. Does this sound familiar? The thing that cracks me up the most, is people believe this false fallacy that they are the ONLY ONE, the only miserable failure that does this year in-year out! You need me!! No really, you do. I’m here to tell you, you’re not a failure, and neither am I. I’ve heard it all and have actually lived a lot of it, myself. O.k., soap-box, babble-fest is over. Back to eating …. You’ve heard it over and over again, but it’s true, up your intake of colorful veggies and fruit. Choose dark, leafy greens, fibrous veggies like asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts. Eat orange, red, and blue fruits. Think less grains (even the healthy ones) and more fats (only good ones) like olive oil, avocados, and fats found in tree nuts and fish. Get that protein in, caveman! Fish on!
  3. Move – a lot! Do yoga, walk, stretch, lift, run, make love (sip, gulp)…..  I don’t care, just do it and OFTEN! It is the bomb, because it works not only the body, but the mind, as well. Two for one, baby!
  4. Do Nothing. Read, watch, take this bath, retreat. For crying out loud, breathe! Or better yet, SLEEP!
  5. Keep your mind open and positive, and above all love yourself and THEN others.

January Jumpstart

Ditch the resolutions. Make Goals. Execute them. When you don’t, forgive yourself.

Perfection Doesn’t work. Better Does!

2017, we’re coming for you – Press Play!


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    Wonderful post, Tracy!!!! Lots of great reminders!!!

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      Thank you Rebecca!!

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    Love this!! Cheers to 2017!! 🎉👊🏼

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thanks Sheri!!


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