Christmas Candle Gift Guide

Christmas Candle Gift Guide

I LOVE candles. Every year, at Christmas time I purchase a couple for myself. I also love to give the gift of fragrance at Christmas. Fragrance can be very hard to select for someone else. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to scent. I don’t purchase fragrance in the form of perfume for anyone on my list, unless they have specifically requested a certain scent. If they do include their favorite fragrance on their ‘wish list’, then I try to pick up a ‘gift set’ that includes a couple additional bits: shower gel, body cream, etc. Holiday is the perfect time to take advantage of these juicy gift sets.

This is where candles make a lovely gift. Many people love fragrance. It is one thing to wear a scent and another thing to set a scene, create a mood and infuse a home. Which is exactly what candles do.

Candles make a perfect gift. Although, I think the majority of woman would love the gift of a candle. I included some ladies that you may have on your gift buying list that maybe you haven’t thought about.

  • Hostess Gifts – Candles are a great alternative to that typical bottle of wine.
  • Gift Exchanges – In our families, we have a couple parties where the woman brings a ‘Ladies Gift’, and the Man brings a ‘Gentleman’s Gift’. Both of these parties are set at a $15 price point. When you don’t know who the recipient of your gift will be; a nice juicy candle is perfect!
  • Secret Santa
  • Teachers, Instructors, Hair/Nail/Beauty Technicians, Mail Carriers, etc. – This would include anyone that is what I call a ‘filler’ person. Those extra people you want to give back to, for what they do to make your life a little easier. It can change year-after-year.
  • Girlfriends – Do you and your girlfriends get together for dinner & drinks, during the holiday season? Need to bring a gift? Candles can be your solution. If you are buying for all your friends, votives are perfect. Or purchase a set that includes 3 or 4 votives (like this one, here), and have your girlfriends each select one.
  • The obvious (mom, wife, sister, grandma, daughters)
  • YOURSELF!!! Give yourself some much needed LOVE!

Something to consider when purchasing candles as a gift. Candles can vary, when it comes to price. I love my ‘Walnut 719’ brand from Walmart, that costs a mere $4.93. You probably have saw me share these many times for different holidays on Snapchat. I also think Bath & Body Works make some amazing scented candles, with beautiful packaging. Bath & Body Works also run their 2 for $22 deal all the time. Perfect for stocking up! But here is my thoughts, when I am considering a gift such as a candle; anyone can generally pick up their favorite ‘affordable’ candle from Walmart, Target bath & Body. But, how often will someone ‘splurge’ on what I consider a ‘high-end’ candle. Okay, I will .. lol!!! But, not many do. If the budget, and what I spend on that particular person allows, I will purchase a luxury candle vs. a more affordable one. I feel this is a ‘treat’. It’s something ‘extra’ and more special. You may have to go with a Votive by Nest instead of a Luxury ‘Diptyque’ or a Gift Set, but you are giving the unexpected. I personally like that.

All the candles that I mention in my gift guide, I either currently have, or have had in the past. They are also the ones that I continue to give as gifts, year after year.


Nest ‘Birchwood Pine’ This is my favorites scent of the Nest line. It also can be purchased at Nordstrom. I have both the Large one and the Votive

Nest Candle Trio Set (also sold at Nordstrom) This trio set includes the “Birchwood Pine’. This set is on my own personal ‘Christmas Wish List’

Diptyque (also in the Christmas Packaging) At Christmas time, I burn the ‘Feu de Bois’ scent. It is AMAZING!! If you like the smell of that ‘wood-fire’ scent, you will love this. Other Diptyque scents that I recommend are: Baies (this is their number one seller), and Roses. This Gift set, here is a dream. It includes a votive in all three of my favorite scents. Recycled Diptyque candle jars make the best makeup brush, eyeliner pencil or lipstick pencil holders. Go to Pinterest for ideas.

Jo Malone Another ‘splurgy’ candle. I love many of the Jo Malone scents, actually all things Jo Malone, I love. My favorite and their ‘signature’ scent at this time of the year is Pomegranate Noir. I also love Lime, Basil & MandarinOrange Blossom and Wood Sage & Sea Salt (which I have in the fragrance, as well)

Jo Malone Miniature Candle Collection Sticker shock, but boy is this a dream!

Voluspa ‘Maison Holiday’ Votive Candles Set I gifted my four oldest daughters this set last year. I like to purchase a gift or two that is addressed to all the girls. They open it together and then each select one from the set. It’s a tradition. The girls loved this and kept the little mason jars to use as decor, after their candle had burned down. A perfect little trinket holder. The packaging on this set is divine. I highly suggest!

Illume ‘Mini Mercury’ Scented Candles I love my Illume candles. This set is on my ‘Christmas Wish List’

Rewined Soy Wax Wine Bottle Candle My niece gifted me this candle last year for Christmas, for hosting her and her boyfriend in our home, during Christmas. I LOVED it! A perfect ‘affordable’ hostess gift. I love the green jar and of course the Corkscrew on the packaging. This is a great candle if you prefer a soy wax option.

Bath & Body Works I like them, but I am not a HUGE Bath & Body Works Candle lover. I know many are people are, however. My daughter Carly burns them like crazy. I could gift several  to her and probably will. It is a favorite gift for her to receive. I cannot say that I have any favorite scents, myself. I generally pick up a couple each year: one for decor in the coffee bar area, and maybe one for a bathroom. I generally pick out the best color & packaging to go with the decor in that room. Right now the 3-wicks are $10 off. I also know that that Bath & Body Works will run their 2 for $22 quite often between now and Christmas. They also have a great Black Friday special.

Walmart 719 Walnut Avenue – At $4.93, this is your perfect ‘Secret Santa’ candle! This is my favorite brand of candle at Walmart. It is not sold in the candle section. It is sold in the grocery section, in the air-fresher section (cleaning product isle). Many of you know that I love the ‘Pumpkin Waffles’ candle. I have a particular candle during the Christmas season that I always pick up, as well. I cannot remember the name of the scent that I love. If they have it in stock next time I make a Walmart trip, I will be sure to update you.

I hope you enjoyed this ‘Christmas Candle Gift Guide’. What is your favorite candle to give or receive? Please share in the comment section below! Still need to do your Sephora VIB/VIB Rouge Shopping .. check out this blog post, here for my gift giving suggestions from the ‘Big Beauty Hub’, itself!!!

Set a scene. Create a mood. Infuse your home.

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  • Reply Heather Henderson

    Check out the candle aisle at TJ maxx, home goods, etc. I hVe seen the best candles there, as well as Ralph Lauren, which all smell amazing, especially Snow Lodgd this time of year

    • Reply Heather Henderson

      The ***nest*** not best

    • Reply tracyhensel

      That’s a great place to pick up candles. Thanks for the reminder, Heather! I am a big TJMaxx fan … for many items! Home Goods is a little drive for me, but I get there once in awhile and love it!

  • Reply Monica erre

    Love love love candles! ….and the atmosphere in my home!
    Thank you so much Tracy!

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Glad you enjoyed Monica!!! xx

  • Reply Erika

    Hi Tracy! Love your content! I particularly appreciate your gift guide I think it’s wonderful, very helpful! This candle post got me wondering about what you do year round to “set a room” (or your home in general) with a scent. I feel personally feel lIke the candles and other scented things I use in my home work for a day .. if that. I’ll walk back in to my home 3 days after deep cleaning and setting up all the good smelling things .. and the smells are gone! I’d like to know what you do year round, that would be a great video! Thanks !

    • Reply tracyhensel

      Thank you for the suggestion, Erika! That would make a great video.

  • Reply Erika

    Hi Tracy! I love your videos and I think your Xmas gift guides have been FABULOUS! Very helpful! This candle post got me thinking – how do you “set the room” or your house, year round with scents? Personally, I feel like after a day (if that) of setting candles and other smell goods – the smells are gone! I’d really like to know what you do to ALWAYS keep the home smelling cozy. Or if these types of candles help with that.

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