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Fall Beauty with NARS Cosmetics and Nordstrom

Fall Beauty with NARS Cosmetics and Nordstrom

Good Morning, everyone! Wow, am I excited for what is in store for today. As you know, I love all things beauty. So it should come as no surprise that I will be at Somerset Collection in Troy today from 3-6 pm. I am happy to share that I am teaming up with the beautiful and ever-so-talented Evaline SelatyEvie is a Makeup Artist for NARS Cosmetics at Nordstrom-Somerset. Evie and I teamed up this past Spring for Nordstrom’s Spring Trade Show. You can read about it in this blog post, here. Well, ladies, Fall came quickly! With that comes Nordstrom’s Fall Beauty Trend Show. This show travels all over the United States. So don’t despair if you do not live in Michigan. Check here to see when the Trend show is in your area. Attending is a must!!! It’s a great time with plenty of beauty goodies and a glimpse of current fashion trends. You will not leave empty handed. Every beauty counter at Nordstrom does free gift with purchase. There are refreshments, generous raffles + giveaways of beauty product, Nordstrom gift cards, and makeovers galore. Be prepared to leave educated in product and application. The show provides plenty of interactive entertainment hosted by the AMAZING and ENERGETIC, Gilbert Vera. I had the pleasure of meeting Gilbert in person during the Spring Trend Show. You can see pictures, here. His energy is contagious! We will get into the Fall Trend Show here and on Snapchat, a little later.

Fall Beauty at Nars Cosmetics and Nordstrom

So what’s going on TODAY, with myself and Evie at the NARS counter – Nordstrom? Let me fill you in on all the juicy goodness. First of all, the new releases to the Audacious Collection, as well as the Powerfall Collection for NARS has been hitting the shelves and is being sought after by beauty junkies alike. This collection includes: five new Audacious Lipsticks in Apoline, Kate, Mona, Shirley, and Stefania, ‘Powefall’ Velvet Eyeliner in several colors, Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in two new shades (Consuming Red and Infatuated Red), Contour Blush in two new shades (Melina and Talia), Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in three new colors (Antares, Rigel and Arcturus), Audacious Brow Defining Cream in three shades, and the ‘Unrestricted’ Matte Eyeliner Stylo.

Fall Beauty with NARS Cosmetics and Nordstrom

But that is not the only excitement I have to share. NARS just released theirVelvet Lip Glides. They go on sale tomorrow (Saturday, October 1st) for $26. They are gorgeous! I already did a pre-sale through Evie and had her hold two of the beauties that I have been eyeballing. Sticking to only two was torture, believe me! My two favorite shades are Bound and La Main Bleue, but there are other shades I love, as well. Bound and La Main Bleue both pull cool-tones, and that is what suits me best. One is more everyday, and one is a more vibrant fall, berry shade that pulls some purple! Perfection!!! I will be swatching ALL the colors today on Snapchat. But not only that, I will be testing the two colors that I am purchasing and giving my first impression. 

Pre-Sale Promotion 

Evie and I are offering a Pre-sale promotion today! If you call Evie at (248) 816-5100 ext 1072 or (586) 563-3078 and purchase one (or more) of the newly released Velvet Lip Glides, Evie will throw in a ‘special goodie’ (a mini Orgasm Multiple Stick) and ship it out to you as soon as they release (tomorrow)! Place your order TODAY, and you will also be entered to win a FULL SIZE Blush Duo in Hungry Heart. I will be snapping all about this promotion from 3-6 this afternoon/evening. Don’t miss it! My Snapchat username is ‘tracy_hensel’. If you have questions on selecting a shade suitable for you, feel free to snap me and let me or Evie assist you in recommending one. To get better familiar with these Velvet Lip Glides, let me direct you to one of my favorite YouTubers Emilynoel83 @ Beauty Broadcast. Emily recently uploaded a video talking solely about these new Lip Glides. You can check that video out, here. Emily tested and gave a full review on ALL 13 shades. Emily’s review may help you select the ‘most suitable’ shade for you. Emily also refers to these Lip Glides as a ‘game changer’. She states, “These Lip Glides are an unusual new lip cream that seems to combine aspects of a gloss, lipstick, stain, and balm .. all in one.” A lip product that has the staying power of a stain with the feel of a balm??? Sign me up!!!!

Fall Beauty with NARS Cosmetics and Nordstrom

Today’s promotion is NOT limited to the Velvet Lip Glides, only. You can purchase any NARS products from the Audacious Collection, Powerfall Collection, or any other NARS item. Need a product from another cosmetic brand? NO problem! Evie or I will be happy to go retrieve that product and put it in your shipment with the rest of your goodies! If the brand is offering a free gift with purchase or samples … they will be included, as well. You will also receive your mini Orgasm Multiple Stick. Easy-breezy, one-stop shopping!

also …

Beauty Trend Show tickets are available, TODAY!!! This show is limited to 300 seats, and they do sell out. I highly recommend that you register today to secure your spot. To register, you must purchase a $20 Beauty Trend Gift Card. This card secures your seat. The morning of the show, you will receive that $20 gift card back, along with a swag bag full of beauty goodies. Your $20 card can be used to purchase whatever beauty products you like from any brand that morning. It’s a win-win … count me in!!! Make sure that today, when doing your product purchasing and checking out with Evie, you include your $20 Beauty Trend Gift Card and get registered. Don’t wait!!!

Beauty Trend Week + Trend Show Information

Beauty Trend week runs : : October 30th – November 5th

Trend Show (limited seating) : : Saturday, November 5th ( 8 – 10 am ) w/ playtime and shopping beauty counters, after. Mascara Stock-up Special will be going on, as well … buy 2 Mascaras, get the third one (lesser value), for free … mix & Match! Doors open at 7:30 a.m.

Call Evie at

{ 586-563-3078 }


{ 248-816-5100 } ext. 1072 or ask for ‘Evie’

There is limited seating, ladies! Call Evie TODAY!!!

Fall Beauty with NARS Cosmetics and Nordstrom

Mini Audacious Beauty Event

 It just keeps getting more and more exciting! As I mentioned, the Trend Show itself is Saturday, November 5th. Trend Week precedes that, starting on October 30th and ending the day of the show. Evie and I have teamed up and are planning our own little ‘Mini Audacious Beauty Event’. This event will take place during trend week. We are looking at either Thursday, the 3rd .. or Friday, the 4th to host this event. This Beauty Event will give Evie and I an opportunity to make it more personalized to you; for your questions, your beauty needs and eagerness to learn. We are in the planning process and tweaking all the final details. Evie and I have reserved a private room here at Nordstrom-Somerset to host this Mini Audacious Beauty Event. Class size will be limited to about 10-12 ladies. If we get an overwhelming response, we are considering hosting two classes on the same day. For example, maybe a 1:00 and 4:00 pm. There will be more details to follow, as we lock in plans. Of course, I will share all the updates with you here, and on all other social media platforms, as well as Snapchat! We are taking a poll on what you would personally want to learn or hear about during a mini event, such as this. Please leave your suggestion in the comment section below. Some ideas that we have are: Fall/Winter & Holiday Make-up Looks, Glam Make-up ideas for your upcoming Holiday Parties, Gift-giving ideas for yourself and your beauty lovers, Learning the basics (brows, everyday eye, your flattering colors) … and more. We are here to service you, and would love your thoughts and suggestions.

Before I dismiss you so that you can call Evie and get your shopping underway, let me fill you in on a little secret . . .

By Trend Week (Oct. 30 – Nov. 5), NARS Cosmetics will be unveiling the Sarah Moon for NARS collaboration. Yes, you heard it here first. Check out all your November and December Beauty and Fashion magazines to see more Sarah Moon for NARS coverage. You can read the full feature, here.

Audacious (def.) adjective ~ Showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks. 

Bold / Daring/ Fearless / Intrepid / Brave / Courageous / Valiant / Heroic 

 All Photos are owned by NARS Cosmetics

Today’s Outfit Details

Top: Nordstrom

Leggings: Nordstrom also sold at Amazon & here similar and more affordable options: Amazon / Amazon See more of these leggings in this blog post

Lace Choker: Nordstrom

Booties: Nordstrom also love the camel colored bootie with this outfit. I have this pair from Nordstrom … similar and more affordable options: Windsor / Amazon / Amazon also, love this Black Bootie I have from Windsor

Handbag: Nordstrom see more of this handbag in these blog posts, here and here

Handbag Insert: Amazon / Hanger Clip: Amazon

Cosmetic Bag: Nordstrom

Makeup Details

Foundation  | Setting Powder | Blush | Eye Shadow Palette | Lip Pencil | NARS Velvet Lip Glides in ‘Bound’ & ‘Le Main Bleue’ (Pre-sale today with Evie) These Lippies go on-sale tomorrow, in-store and on-line | Nail polish in Kerry Blossom| Fragrance here more about it, in this blog post, here


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